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Introducing Remis Australia New Retrofit T8 LED Tube

Product Features

Projection screens
  • Compatible with Starter and Ballast with no extra power consumed
  • Directly replace flourescent with a T8 LED tube.
  • No modifications to the existing light fixture is required, just remove old tube and starter,
    & replace with new T8  LED tube and circuit link.

          Sizes: 600 900 1200 1500 T8

  • Recommended for Refrigeration & Freezers -25 to +50 degrees
  • Hospitals, Offices, Shops, Factories, Homes, Units

Save dollars on your power bills with LED technology!

  • We offer a led tube replacement for existing fluorescent tube housings, with a
    three year warranty. The led tube will fit straight into your old fluro fittings, just
    remove the starter and fit with the circuit link that bypasses the ballast and insert
    your led tubes, as simple as that.
  • No electrician required.
  • Approved by the ‘department of fair trading’.
  • Save over 50% of your power consumption which means you will save $$$$$$.
  • The actual power consumption will spike higher with fluorescent fixtures when
    they are first started or when the environment is cool, as the fluros warm up they
    become more efficient. This factor is removed from the led tube system.  Adding
    more power savings.
  • There is minimal maintenance on led tubes; replacement of tubes as needed.
    With fluorescent fixtures there is maintenance on the tubes, the ballast and the
    starters add an electrician to the equation and they start to become quite expensive.
  • This is a patented product.
  • Fluros start to dim quickly and will continue until they fade away. Led will not dim
    therefore the brightness of the light will continue throughout the majority of the life
    of the tube.
  • Life expectancy of the led tubes is around 30,000 – 50,000 hrs operation. If you
    operate lights for 10hrs a day 7 days a week you will get a minimum of 8.5 years
    life out of a led tube. Life expectancy of fluorescent tubes range from 8,000 hrs to
    20,000 hrs if you are lucky.
  • The cost for replacement of fluros to led seems quite expensive to start but you
    must remember that you will be saving over 50% of your power bill; this does no
    t include the savings you will obtain through air conditioning with the use of led lights
    . Led lights don’t produce the heat that fluorescent tubes generate. fluros generate
    around 40 degrees celcius heat in which the air conditioning combats to bring to the
    set thermostat temperature. This makes these lights viable for refrigeration as they
    will minimise the operating hours on your refrigeration plus assist with longer shelf
    life of products within the refrigeration cabinets,  especially combined with our nightcover
    blinds designed for open display refrigeration.
  • Led lights do not flicker therefore are a safe alternative to people that suffer from epilepsy.
  • Led lights have a bright daylight luminescence; therefore will assist with the prevention of
  • There are two variations of our tubes, one is a bright light called daylight the other is a more
  • Led lights are much more robust than fluros as they are not filled with argon gas and
    mercury and are covered with a polycarbonate shield as opposed to glass with fluros.
    Manufacturing led is more energy efficient and safer for the environment; leds don’t need
    special requirements for waste sites due to no hazardous mercury. This is another factor
  • Power costs continue to climb , take advantage of energy efficient products and put money
    back into your pocket


This is a patent product protected patent mimic must be punished


Byers, Robert
Byers, Robert
Remis Australia Pty Ltd

ABSTRACT - An LED tube replacement for existing fluorescent tube lighting has the LED tube adapted to fit straight into old fluorescent tube-docking fittings, requiring no more than the removal of the starter associated with the fluorescent tube to be replaced, and replacement thereof with a conductive linking device that bypasses the ballast, and the insertion of the LED tube in the existing fitting. The invention provides a safe way of retrofitting fluorescent tube lighting with LED tubes, without exposing personnel carrying out such tasks to dangerously high voltages.

This page contains all relevant details related to patent number AU2013200772. This patent was filed on 13/02/2013 and has a status of FILED. The inventors associated with this patent are:
Byers, Robert

The applicant/owner of the patent is registered as Byers, Robert, Remis Australia Pty Ltd. They used the patent attorney firm Ashby, Kevin MR to file this.

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T8 LED Fluro tube specifications

Power Factor Led T8 Tubes



Testing LED T8 tube

Testing LED T8 tube
Above images: testing the LED T8 tube



T8 1200mm Fixture with 2 x 36W Fluorescent tubes plus 18W Iron Core Ballast

T8 1200mm Fixture with 2 x 36W fluorescent tubes plus 2W Electronic Ballast

T8 1200mm Standard Fluorescent Fixture with 2 x 18W REMIS LED tubes


Total Wattage per Fixture  + Kilowatts per hour (kWh )per Fixture
@ Rate 22c kWh

90W =
1.98 c kWh

74W =
1.63 c kWh

36W =
0.79 c

6hr per day per Fixture @ 22c kWh

0.54 kWh
11.88 c

0.444 kWh
9.768 c

0.216 kWh
4.75 c

6hr per day per 100 fixtures

54 kWh
$  11.88

44.4 kWh
$   9.77

21.6 kWh
$   4.75

8hr per Day per Fixture @ 22c kWh

0.72 kWh
15.84 c

0.592 kWh
13.02 c

0.288 kWh
6.34 c

8hr per day per 100 fixtures

72 kWh
$  15.84

59.2 kWh
$  13.02

28.8 kWh
$   6.34

10hr per day
 per Fixture @ 22c kWh

0.9 kWh
19.8 c

0.74 kWh
16.28 c

0.36 kWh
7.92 c

10hr per day per 100 fixtures

90 kWh
$  19.80

74 kWh
$  16.28

36 kWh
$   7.92

12hr per day per Fixture @ 22c kWh

1.08 kWh
23.76 c

0.888 kWh
19.54 c

0.432 kWh
9.50 c

12hr per day per 100 fixtures

108 kWh
$  23.76

88.8 kWh
$  19.54

43.2 kWh
$   9.50

18hr per Day per Fixture @ 22c kWh

1.62 kWh
35.64 c

1.332 kWh
29.30 c

0.648 kWh
14.26 c

18hr per day per 100 fixtures

162 kWh
$  35.64

133.2 kWh
$  29.30

64.8 kWh
$  14.26

24hr per Day per Fixture @ 22c kWh

2.16 kWh
47.52 c

1.776 kWh
39.07 c

0.864 kWh
19.01 c

24hr per day per 100 fixtures

216 kWh

177.6 kWh
$  39.07

86.4 kWh
$  19.01


CO2 Emissions

Standard fluro lights in commercial refrigerator LED fluro lights in commercial refrigeratorLED fluro lighting at Natural Food Store Forest Glen
Commercial fridges BEFORE LED T8 tubes installed.            Commercial fridges AFTER LED T8 tubes installed.               LED T8 tubes installed at Natural Food store Forest Glen.

T8 led tube lighting in Jetts gym LED T8 tube lighting in Jetts gymnasiumLED T8 tube lighting in Jetts gymnasium
T8 led tubes -Jetts gymnasium Nambour & Mooloolaba    AFTER LED T8 tubes installed in Jetts gym.                        AFTER LED T8 tubes installed at Jetts gym.


LED lighting in Supermarket fridgesLED for wine fridge

LED T8 tubes LED T8 tubes

Supermarket Meat Fridge Lighting
T8 lighting in meat refrigeration unitsSupermarket Meat Fridge Pink Lighting


25W LED (Fresh) Bulb

coloured LED bulbs for fresh produce LED

Power : 25W
Voltage : AC170-265V
Color: White 6000-6500K
Body Materials : Fins Aluminum
Size: 220*170mm
Application : Super Market ,Coffe Shop , Office ,ect
Warranty: 2 Year

About Driver

Power : 25-100W
Voltage : AC85-265V

About Housing

Materials : Fins Aluminum
Color : Silver/Reb/Green/Yellow


LED Fluro tubes for meat fridges
Pink LED tubes for meat refrigeration units
Supermarket meat fridge lighting

























LED Fluro Tubes

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